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Opportunità di cooperazione commerciale per aziende del NordEst

New EU Green Deal and H2020 Energy Efficiency Calls


EU energy projects: success stories

Download the four pilot settlements publication.  

Two alarming ‘innovations’ in the EU Recovery Fund

The recent summit of the EU leaders has introduced two innovations in the Union’s budget policy that are deemed as very dangerous by most observers and by the R&D community. For the first time the research multiannual planning has €13,5 billions lobbed off its budget –or €18,5 if the cut is calculated by adding the …

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Funny Pompeo and the former UKUSA empire

Funny from US politicians. It is so amusing to hear the Pompeo’s accusations on Chinese espionage from the words of the Secretary State. USA still are the commander in chief of the (now much waker) UKUSA espionage network, Echelon and its epigons, unveiled in 2001 by the Greenwald/Snowden leaks published by The Guardian. Still now …

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AIDS, Morbillo ed altri virus. La storia dei processi al Dr. Lanka

    Original video “Grippepandemie und Tamiflu” copy here. Dal sito di Stefan Lanka:    5/4/2020 Der Corona-Fakten-Check. Hat der Corona-Virus-Test Aussagekraft? Da

Il CODACONS denuncia l’OMS. La procura di Milano apre l’inchiesta