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Tavolo Majella and Patto Sviluppo Majella (Covenant of Majella)

PSM (Pact for Development of Majella –PDM), a network among Institutions, Unions, Industry multipliers and other organisations, has been signed in 2005 in the Majella Park of Abruzzo. The covenant has been designed by a bottom-up process toward the strategic goal of systems innovation for sustainable development. It’s policy and actions for labour, resources and new economies build on a closing circles strategy (closed loops of local resources).

Fieldwork, research and innovation, extensive participation and agreement by consensus are the methodology pillars for decision making of PSM Partners like Local Authorities and their associations, Labour Unions, finance, industry and agriculture Multipliers, private and public Development Bodies.

PSM is managed by TAVOLO Majella, a Non Profit Organisation working at national, EU and international cooperation with public and private organisations. PSM spreads over 32 Municipalities, from Majella Mountains to Adriatic Sea. TAVOLO Majella is partner of the EU Sustenergy Programme, of La Sapienza University –CIRPS of Rome, of University CH-PE -CERVAS, of the Covenant for Development of Chieti, and of other institutions working at development and innovation such as science parks and other scientific players.

 Main Objectives

  • To trigger and promote systems innovation and development of new sectors, markets, enterprises and jobs
  • To pave the road to intelligent use of resources, use of renewable sources and promote eco-innovation in local communities
  • To favour systems networking and clustering, to improve their organisation and to enable interaction of local systems
  • To reinforce operational networks among Institutions, societal stakeholders and enterprises
  • To support development and innovation of SMEs
  • To facilitate links between Majella and its coastline to enforce systemic integration of local activities for tourism, culture and heritage, agro-food chains, craft and their related sectors
  • To disseminate practice and incentives for secure and regular jobs
  • To prevent and manage industry crisis and to support youth, women and people with impairments to find a proper job.

Specific Goals

  • To promote sustainable development through effective actions in innovative and traditional sectors such as resource management, energy, tourism, arts and culture, agriculture, manufacturing
  • To improve job availability and security
  • To promote and support efficiency and effectiveness of socio-economic systems through sustainability
  • Regain local capacities by developing the territory potential and boosting traditional or innovative skills of women, youth and unemployed people.

PSM launched its Closing Circles Plan –ET Programme© in 2006, for sustainable development and closing circles of resources. The ET Programme© is made up of specific plans, the first of which is the ET –BIOENERGY© Plan, promoting eco-energy closing circles for local development. The Majella Bioenergy network started up in November 2006 as the first deliverable of ET –BIOENERGY© Plan.

Please, contact us for further information or visit the Tavolo Majella official site.

Tavolo Majella -PSM: the ET-Bioenergy Plan

The ET-Bioenergy Plan introduces non-linear models for the Circular Economy to a vast audience, with a bottom-up approach to technology innovation and social change in local contexts. It turns the problems of scarce resources, environmental pollution and cost of waste into profitable activities for larger layers of population and business players. This results are achieved …