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Energy and Resources

Intelligent use of resources, like water and energy, is fundamental for any industry and OPUSNET can help you choose and manage them with the most effective approach and efficient systems. Our closing circles approach to resources provides the best technology and services to Customers, by custom made and integrated systems to make a rational use of resources.

Beyond the assistance to single companies, OPUSNET promote and sustains business clustering and networking aimed at intelligent use of resources and increased performance. We have a special range of solutions to improve their resource efficiency, in a closing circles approach shared with our Partners where complex systems are engineered among different companies to obtain maximum performance of intelligent use and generation of energy, other resources and raw materials. Our activities include:

  1. Energy management in all sectors
  2. Efficient use of energy and power efficiency maximisation, waste heat recovery processes, multi-generation
  3. Thermal-solar plants, photovoltaic-solar plants, geothermal heat pumps, wind farms, anaerobic digestion and gasification solutions
  4. Design and development of technological and electric plants for air conditioning and fire-fighting plants
  5. Design and balancing of fluid distribution nets
  6. Concept design and process simulation with development of steady-state material and energy balances
  7. Process design and development of open-heart processes, thermal rating, etc.
  8. Mechanical design of equipment, pressure equipment calculations according to code (ASME I, ASME VIII, TEMA, VSR, EN, etc.)
  9. Piping design (plant layout, 3D-modeling/routing, stress analysis, isometric sketches, MTO, etc.)
  10. Power panels, control and instrumentation design (control system architecture, instruments data sheet, control systems, etc.)
  11. Power certification of buildings, civil engineering (RC and steel structures design, construction management)
  12. Lifelong procurement services for systems and plants (technical specifications processing, technical and commercial evaluation of bidders, supply followup/expediting, quality inspections)
  13. FEA modeling for therm-fluid dynamics and structural analysis of chemical industry equipment and relevant details.

For your inquiries on OPUSNET Resource Solutions, please contact us.