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UK: renewable electricity overtook oil and carbon fuels in 2019

Ten years ago fossil fuels made four fifths of the UK’s electricity supply. New offshore windfarms opened in third quarter (2019) mark milestone towards zero carbon. Wind power is the UK’s strongest source of renewable energy and made up 20% of the UK’s electricity following a series of major windfarm openings in recent years. Electricity …

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Time for the EIB to lead on the clean energy transition

Time for the EU’s bank to lead on the clean energy transition Source: www.counter-balance.org/eibshift/

Europe: energy and ICT calls

Energy The Intelligent Energy Europe Programme has 3 calls open in 2013. Promotion and Dissemination Projects (apply here) -8 May 2013 MLEI Project Development and Assistance (read the Guide; ESS coming soon)  -8 May 2013 Build Up Skills (apply here) -30 April and 28 November 2013. ICT A new call of the CIP specific Programme …

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Renewables records in the European Union

About two-thirds of all the solar panels installed around the world in 2011 found homes in Europe, reports the European Union Joint Research Center. Collectively, European countries installed 18.5 gigawatts (GW) of solar in 2011 – an investment of $84 billion – bringing the region’s capacity to 52 GW. Germany accounts for 30 GW of that. …

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EU Commission to limit food-based biofuels

In a major policy shift, the European Commission has said it wants to cap food-based biofuels to five percent. The new limit was announced during informal talks in Cyprus on Monday between EU energy ministers, Euronews reports. Previously, the EU required bio-fuels to rise to 10% of transport fuels by 2020, and bio-fuels made from …

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IEA 2012 key energy data released

The International Energy Agency’s has made available its latest annual publication of energy data – Key World Energy Statistics 2012 here.

Denmark, 100% RES by 2050

The most ambitious plan for the exploitation of renewables energy sources passed the vote of the Parliament of Denmark in March. It paves the road to total transition to renewables by 2050 and sets the goal of 35% of energy generation from RES by 2020. 50% of the final target energy supply will be generated …

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