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New EU Green Deal and H2020 Energy Efficiency Calls


EU energy projects: success stories

Download the four pilot settlements publication.  

EU H2020 Energy Efficiency Data Hub

H2020EE has already funded over 300 research innovation and market up-take projects since 2014. All these projects are visualised in the H2020EE data hub which allows you to zoom on a map into your region and see which projects are funded near you.

Cosmic Rays shape life on Earth

The latest findings on Cosmic Rays and life on Earth esplained by the following research.         Or read other scientific findings about Cosmic Rays   You may want to learn about Cosmic Rays: Where do the Cosmic Rays come from?   … Or like to go deep into esotheric thoughts… The 9 …

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UK: renewable electricity overtook oil and carbon fuels in 2019

Ten years ago fossil fuels made four fifths of the UK’s electricity supply. New offshore windfarms opened in third quarter (2019) mark milestone towards zero carbon. Wind power is the UK’s strongest source of renewable energy and made up 20% of the UK’s electricity following a series of major windfarm openings in recent years. Electricity …

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IV Guerra del Golfo Persico? Questa volta sarebbe diversa

Senso di onnipotenza, interessi commerciali o disperazione per le vicende interne (impeachment, prossime elezioni presidenziali)? Certo non le generiche scuse accampate da Mike Pompeo, prive di giustificazioni o prove come sottolineato dai Democrats al Congresso USA. Mentre gli esperti di geopolitica si lambiccano il cervello per capire le ‘ragioni’ che avrebbero spinto Donald Trump a …

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The false flag war on CO2

Malthusian extremism and big business may hide behind ‘global warming’ and the war on CO2. While militars are “arming the nature”, as in this interesting report (Italian and English) on such a big business. Learn also about nice games as “How to destroy the environment” (by Prof. MacDonald, former President Johnson’s counsellor. UCLA., 1968), and how …

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