Radioactive news

August 24th, 2023. Today TEPCO has started releasing into the sea more than 1 million metric tons of treated radioactive water from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear power plant. The radioactive water is expected to contaminate the Pacific Ocean first, then to progressively spread to Atlantic and all other seas in the world.

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency elaborated digitally simulated maps of the radioactive pollution.

The plan was heavily criticised by Japan’s neighbours like and China and Russia, while UN experts simply declared their ‘deep disappointment’ in 2021, when the plan was unveiled.

China suspends import of all aquatic products from Japan, while Russia is to stop selling fisheries to Japan, after having suspended the deal on fishing near Kuril Islands last year.

No words from the EU Commission and the US Government, nor from Western backed “green” NGOs. Do they like radioactive fish?