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Global Markets

We assists business in penetrating and developing national and international markets with mature expertise to design and deliver best quality effective solutions to our Clients. The range of Marketing & Communication Solutions is entirely scalable, in terms of price and complexity of products, allowing all Clients, big or small private and public organisations, to exploit opportunities at the best, manage brand and image, conquer and develop markets, manage distribution and remote services.

OPUSNET assists Clients on foreign markets to build effective market knowledge, useful relationships, safety and security of investments, effective product distribution and project funding where required. Our Export Solutions profit from a large international network of Partners in the EU 27, North Africa, USA and Canada, Australia, and Far East with a particular attention to China and India, in order to deliver the best value for money to exporters and investors. We can assist your market penetration with modular solutions ranging from export consultancy to outsourced marketing management.

Major marketing services and products are:

  1. Market opportunities and investment analysis
  2. Marketing analysis and tests
  3. Corporate, brand and product image and communication
  4. Advertising and media management
  5. Tailored solutions for image and communication of NGOs, Governments and Local Authoritie
  6. Foreign opprtunities review and analysis
  7. New markets strategic planning
  8. Operations support and assistance (in a restricted set of Countries)
  9. Partner search and relationships management
  10. Technical and management operations along the distribution channel
  11. Global sales and channels planning and management.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Marketing Team