March 2013 archive

Poverty nearly doubled in Italy, 2006-2013

615 new poor persons a day from 2006 to 2013, Confcommercio calculated. 2.5 million “absolute poors” in 2006 grew to 4 million in January 2013, as indicated by the new Misery Index presented Friday, 22 by Confcommercio  in Cernobbio. Income of 90% of Italian workers is below 35.600 euro, 28.000 people only earn more than …

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Personale di vendita per iluminazione LED

Azienda statunitense, leader internazionale dell’iinnovazione per l’illuminazione LED, ricerca personale di vendita a tempo indeterminato per l’espansione dei mercati business e privati in Abruzzo e Molise. L’ampiezza del portafoglio di prodotti e soluzioni di elevata qualità che soddisfa ogni esigenza, l’esclusiva garanzia di 3 anni e il prezzo estremamente competitivo, rendono l’offerta imbattibile. Si richiedono …

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Deficit cuts and the obious link with recession

It is a debated issue in these times, that of deficit cuts, along with the less famous theme of the “end of growth” and that of the finite nature of resources on hearth. In his Museletter 249, Richard Heinberg connects them in a summary of thoughts which may turn useful to those aiming to understand why …

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First gas extraction from methane hydrate

A Japanese energy explorer said on Tuesday it extracted gas from offshore methane hydrate deposits for the first time in the world, as part of an attempt to achieve commercial production within six years. (Reuters) Methan hydrate is an interesting source of energy, due to its high energy density: one cubic meter of combustible ice …

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Transatlantic biofuel test flight

KLM Dutch Airlines is flying partially on used cooking oil between NY and Amsterdam over the next 25 weeks, Reuters reports. The pilot is a partnership between KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Delta Air Lines, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and Schiphol Group, which operates airports.  The purpose of the pilot is …

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Oil price trends

The updated graph of the oil price February 2004-February 2013 has been published by Debora Billi on her blog.

Horizon 2020 for EU reseach and innovation

295 days left before Horizon 2020 launch. Read the official documents of the European Commission here and download the Programme proposal for Council decision: Horizon 2020 draft Programme.