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Strategy and Forecasting

The complexity of global relationships and interactions among systems, as well as the instability of production, environmental and financial processes are growing steeply  Globalisation, increasing pace of innovation diffusion, decreasing availability of natural resources, investment relocations, migration flows and changing demographics, climate change, water scarcity and many other intervening variables affect strategic planning in the IIIrd millennium.

New economy scenarios must be foreseen with the inclusion of effects and threats from turbulent system changes and high entropy, with business strategy and public policy being then updated in the light of greater system risk and new opportunities and threats. Planning and re-engineering point now toward the famous ‘economies of scope’ (Chandler, A., 1990) through enhanced systems integration, flexibility, and increased interaction among diverse resources and processes.

Traditional strategic planning in complex environments can be therefore improved by OPUSNET forecast and foresight, to increase Clients’ chances of avoiding the worst and capturing the best the future can offer. Our Strategy Solutions deliver advanced and effective support for competition, and are completed by Futures Research services in team with the best universities and research centres in Europe and USA to: improve decision making; explore, create, and test possible and desirable futures to improve decisions; establish limits and ranges; create a sense of a shared future in otherwise disparate groups; crystallise areas of agreement, disagreement; help understand what might be, what could be, and what ought to be. Planning requires to predict, then act! OPUSNET help business and Governments to identify possible futures and make the right moves in the strategic planning process.

Our professional services can improve decision making in any sector, and fill the gap between desired futures and expected futures. OPUSNET Strategy Solutions coach your organisation with  a wide choice of professional services in the startup, development and consolidation stages:

  1. Value chain and performance management
  2. Strategy analysis, planning and positioning
  3. Futures research for business, market, technology forecast and scenario management
  4. Risk and contingency management
  5. Business intelligence
  6. Culture analysis and positioning
  7. Business planning and modelling.

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