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Project Management and Evaluation

We assist companies and RTDs in selection, design, writing, management and evaluation of large complex projects in research, technology and innovation. Our services bring great value both to routine than breakthrough innovation, satisfying the business needs in legacy and front-end sectors. We also bridge the gap between emerging technologies and market success by assisting high-tech start-ups, technology corporations and universities create competitive advantage by rapidly developing new systems and solutions, commercialising technology breakthroughs and transferring knowledge across projects and business units. An example of our service follows.

  1. Systems analysis and design
  2. Feasibility assessment (technical, financial, operational)
  3. Project and program management
  4. Financial management (for project itself and external funding)
  5. Technology analysis
  6. Technical report writing
  7. Standards development
  8. Organisation management, including partnerships and and logistics
  9. Innovation management
  10. Communication, dissemination and training
  11. Proposal writing for tender, calls, grants, investors
  12. Legal assistance with particular focus on Intellectual Property.

Proven experience in EU programmes and frameworks proposal conceptualisation, management, evaluation, communication and marketing (see also our Marketing and RTD solutions) and ensure the financial viability of Clients’ projects together with our portfolio of finance solutions.

Special solutions are proposed for projects supported by European financial institutions as EIB and EBRD (see also our Financial Solutions).

The assistance in projects does not limit to management issues only. Our RTD Team supports Customers in sector specific topics of projects: see Innovation and RTD.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Project Management Team