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OPUSNET Consulting is a Network Company established in 1997 to provide SMEs and Governments with superior solutions, global services and innovation. We pioneer Circular Economy innovation since 2001. Our approach builds on dynamic interrelationships among business and science to deliver finance, organisation and market solutions, as well as innovation and RTD services, in diverse sectors and areas.

Our Clients benefit from winning strategies, high quality development and effective support to their finance, innovation, marketing, organisation strategy and operational needs. Our modus operandi means multidisciplinary team working of experts leveraging knowledge and results of high-calibre consulting, research, and coaching talents. OPUSNET innovation activities are project-driven and diversely funded, thus ensuring our business and scientific independence. The Business Service Teams deploy unique practice in a reticular organisation, conveying strengths in relevant areas of research and consulting. An agile Network structure enables high-quality business services, independent research and effective interaction with stakeholders and partners.

Our Business Clients operate in the energy, mobility, logistics and transports, manufacturing, food and beverage, tourism, environment and resource management sectors. Leading business organisations, research-oriented corporations and institutions, Universities, NGOs across Europe and MENA participate the OPUSNETwork. Innovation and strategic services are delivered to Governments and European Institutions.

In our Portfolio You will find, among others, the Solutions of Marketing and Digital Marketing, CRM, SRM, Import-Export, ICT, Energy and Resource Management, Corporate and Project Finance, RTD and Innovation Management, Project Management, that best fit Your needs.

Our Global Services are available worldwide and based in Italy and Dubai (UAE), where we partner IICUAE with our Italian Representative to support Italian and European Companies.

Boost performance and success with OPUSNET Solutions and discover the best instruments to grow Your Organisation’s value, assets, strategy and operations.

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War economy: the Ukraine economic shock. EIB report

The EIB’s report on the “Ukraine economic shock” brings to attention the current and future macroeconomy trend in Europe. Pessimistic forecast in all sectors and aspects of life are assigned to the war in Ukraine -though it is to say that the rallies of raw material and energy prices begun in 2021 in concomitance with …

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Guerra del grano: i veri motivi e gli artefici. Le quattro sorelle e i loro fiancheggiatori

La portata e la dimensione delle fake news legate alla propaganda conseguente alla situazione in Ucraina ha raggiunto vette sinora impensabili. La crisi delle materie prime, in atto da anni, è ormai attribuita alla guerra, esclusivamente o quasi. Ma la situazione è ben diversa. Ecco come stanno le cose in te,ma di cibo, in particolare …

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Convegno MaaS4Italy: “Mobility as a Service” in Italia

I prossimi 14 e 15 luglio si terrà a Roma, presso la Sala Petrassi dell’Auditorium Parco della Musica, il Convegno “MaaS4Italy: il futuro in Italia è Mobility as a Service”, organizzato da TTS Italia, in collaborazione con il Comune di Roma. Nell’ambito del progetto MaaS4Italy, al quale hanno partecipato 13 Comuni capoluogo di Città metropolitane, …

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Fondo di Garanzia per le PMI: ultima chiamata per l’accesso gratuito

Commissione “una tantum” per l’accesso al Fondo Tutte le operazioni presentate/completate fino al 25/3/2022 verranno deliberate nella riunione del Consiglio di gestione del 31/3/2022, ultimo consiglio utile per poter beneficiare dell’accesso gratuito al Fondo previsto dall’art.13, comma 1, del DL Liquidità. A tutte le operazioni presentate o la cui istruttoria verrà completata dopo il 25/3/2022 …

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