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Cold fusion: news from US military contractors

Lockheed Martin declares development of a new nuclear fusion reactor “like no other”. The US defense contractor says that the reactor is no bigger than a shipping container, but could power 80,000 homes. The defense company estimates that just 25 pounds of fuel could run the reactor for an entire year, non-stop, and generate a …

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Europe: RTD and innovation calls

A budget of €705.5 is allocated to FP7 – ICT Call 2010, open until 15 January 2013. The submission session is now available for: ICT-2013.9.7, ICT-2013.9.8, ICT-2013.10.3, ICT-2013.11.1, ICT-2013.11.3, ICT-2013.11.4, ICT-2013.11.5, ICT-2013.1.2, ICT-2013.12.1, ICT-2013.1.3, ICT-2013.1.5, ICT-2013.1.6, ICT-2013.1.7, ICT-2013.2.1, ICT-2013.2.2, ICT-2013.3.3, ICT-2013.3.4, ICT-2013.4.1, ICT-2013.5.1, ICT-2013.5.2, ICT-2013.5.3, ICT-2013.5.4, ICT-2013.5.5, ICT-2013.6.5, ICT-2013.8.1, ICT-2013.9.6. EUROSTARS Progamme’s next cut-off deadline …

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European commission called on probe after CRIIGEN study links GM maize and Roundup to premature death and cancer

The Austrian government calls on the European Commission to review its approval process for genetically modified (GM) food after a controversial French study linked a kind of GM corn to higher health risks in rats. In a study published in Food and Chemical Toxicology, researchers led by Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini of the University of Caen have …

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Dark energy, the mysterious cosmic force

Dark energy, the mysterious cosmic force thought to be the fuel behind the accelerating expansion of the universe, is real, according to an Anglo-German team of astronomers after a two-year study. However, the scientists declare to have no idea of what it consists of (Reuters).

FP7 calls

Latest FP7 Calls supporting RI in a large number of sectors, have been released: climate change; industrial innovation connected with piloting, demonstration, standardisation and technology transfer; research training and mobility around the European Union and further abroad; sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors; technologies for urban areas and cities; combating the threat of …

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Latest EU Calls

Audiovisual Media, Preparatory action ‘Circulation of films in the digital era’ Media 2007, Automatic support Media 2007, Support for the digitisation of European cinemas Culture, education and training Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) Europe for Citizens Programme Environment LIFE+ Calls for proposals 2012. Themes: Nature and Biodiversity, Environment Policy and Governance, Information and Communication Health Call …

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€8.1 billion investment in EU research and innovation

The European Commission has today announced the final and biggest ever set of calls for proposals for research under its Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). In total €4.8 billion is dedicated to thematic research priorities. Industrial innovation will be supported through close-to-market activities such as piloting, demonstration, standardisation and technology transfer. Special attention will be given …

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