April 2014 archive

Social media and PsyWar

Speaking of a secret NATO power elite creed, the man that predicted Bin Laden would be blamed for a massive attack on America, former US Naval Intelligence officer and Texas radio host William Cooper, declared in 1996 “Their goal is to destroy all existing religions, save theirs, all existing governments, save theirs and shackle the …

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The Italian job

Anything goes in the same direction in Italy, sports included. Even sailing, one of the purest sports known in the world, follows unspoken rules and mysterious logic. See what happened in the XXIV Sailing Championship of Abruzzo and its final ranking.

The American disaster and the attempt to sink Western economies

Are the USA dragging Europe into the divisive world of creditors and debtors, and looking for a new “cold war”? This is the summary of the latest Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin n° 84 dealing with such hypothesis. Read more here (Italian) and here (French).