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EU Commission: no answer so far to the open letter of the laternative search engines on Google’s privacy flaws


AEGIS: Open-source infrastructure for Big Data

  ‘Public safety and personal security covers many important social and economic areas, including accidents or criminal acts, food safety, homeland security, emergency response, natural disaster management and environmental safety,’ says project coordinator Yury Glikman of Fraunhofer FOKUS in Germany. ‘This diversity of sectors, domains, languages and data sources, and especially the lack of a …

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I rischi della dipendenza cibernetica

Da anni ormai siamo abituati a barattare (viepiù inconsciamente) la nostra privacy con servizi telematici gratuiti ma di valore spesso infimo, in genere nella convinzione che i nostri dati abbiano valore paragonabile ai pochi di euro di alternativi servizi a pagamento, e senza considerare le rischiose e costose implicazioni in termini di stabilità, sicurezza e …

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New plan for global video surveillance announced

After the world conquer by the most diffused and leaked operating system named Windows, Bill Gates never rests. And launches a new plan for global surveillance made in US: a network of 500 satellites capable of real-time coverage of human activity and movement around the globe.

The emerging post-COVID world order


Tales from the Deep State

Technocratic Agenda Dominates COVID-19 Panic   Putchists in the Shadow of the Coronavirus   After the Lockdown: A Global Coronavirus Vaccination Program  

5G Apocalypse

Find the links below to the English version (original by Sacha Stone) and the Italian version of the famous movie on the hiddes secrets of 5G (2019).   5G Apocalypse: the extinction event. Versione Italiana.