Category: Global Surveillance

NOPEN: China captures US NSA cyberspy tool infecting millions devices

Amnesty International releases the testing methodology and tool against Pegasus, Israeli NSO Group’s spyware

Following the recent alarm about the worldwide diffusion of Pegasus, the spyware used by repressive governments to spy citizens, activists, politicians and foreign authorities, Amnesty international conducted forensic tests on mobile phones to identify traces of the spyware. And released an easy tool (Mobile Verification tool MVT) to monitor and reveal traces of the software …

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COVID Vaccines: Biden pushed to punish low-cost productions

After SARS-COV2: “the Great Reset” and Agenda ID 2020

The Pfizer’s CEO untimely selling of his stock options: are we used as Guinea Pigs?

The plan behind the last ‘revelations’ about the recent mutation of Coronavirus from UK can be better interpreted in the light of the following article and of this one.

The Great Reset: a future of unemployment, remote working and surveillance in WEF’s plans

EU Commission: no answer so far to the open letter of the alternative search engines on Google’s privacy flaws