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Fake news e psy-ops contro Cina e Russia


Japanese TV Asahi’s story sparked various conspiracy theories on Chinese cyberspace. US CDC refutes it

Conspiracy or not… The consequences will affect the planetary economy, trade and relationships for a long time.

Real-time update on Coronavirus outbreak

Chineses’ sake for truth: here is the official and real-time update information on the (too) famous virus found in China. By Global Times.   And here Pepe Escobar describes the China’s virus response. But WHO keeps on spreading false alarms on the situation and the consequences of the virus.

The Hidden Military Use of 5G Technology

The operation organised by the “Five Eyes” against Huawei aims exclusively to ensure that 5G technology in the West will not be controlled by a Chinese company. As a Pentagon report attests, this civilian technology is primarily used for military purposes. Read the article by former Gen. Manlio Dinucci in Voltairenet.

Vincitori e vinti del Risiko energetico globale

Molte delle recenti e meno recenti crisi geopolitiche traggono origine da fattori energetici, quali l’approvvigionamento, i prezzi, la distribuzione etc. Madalina Sisu Vicari, del Centro di Studi delle Relazioni Internazionali di Liegi ci aggiorna sulla situazione.   Madalina Vicari: Regole, Vincitori e Perdenti del Risiko energetico globale La prospettiva del Falco sul mondo di oggi …

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Russia-China Tandem Shifts Global Power

Official Washington’s arrogance in trying to push around Russia and China has pushed the two countries together, creating a dangerous new dynamic in international relations, explains ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern. Continue reading from Ray Mc Govern.

Is China set to join Russia and Iran in support of Syria?

“The pro-Assad Al-Masdar (citing an unnamed SAA “senior officer”), said Chinese “personnel and aerial assets” are set to arrive within weeks”, Tyler Durden reported on ZeroHedge two weeks ago. “Beijing has taken decision to take part in combating IS and sent its vessels to the Syrian coast. (…) It is known, that China has joined …

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