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5G: the Largest Unethical Medical Experiment in Human History

The latest publication by Ronald Neil Kostoff exposes the 5G debate to a new light. As it is one of the largest experiments using the world population as Guinea-pigs.

5G Apocalypse

Find the links below to the English version (original by Sacha Stone) and the Italian version of the famous movie on the hiddes secrets of 5G (2019).   5G Apocalypse: the extinction event. Versione Italiana.

La scuola elettromagnetica

“L’aver affidato alle aziende, a tecnici, fisici ed ingeneri il concepimento di ausili formativo-didattici offerti come inevitabile frutto del progresso, ignorando però il parere precauzionista di pediatri, psicologi, medici e ricercatori senza legami con l’industria, oltre ad aver contribuito a provocare un cambiamento antropologico nei componenti della comunità scolastica italiana e d’occidente, fa registrare oggi …

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The Hidden Military Use of 5G Technology

The operation organised by the “Five Eyes” against Huawei aims exclusively to ensure that 5G technology in the West will not be controlled by a Chinese company. As a Pentagon report attests, this civilian technology is primarily used for military purposes. Read the article by former Gen. Manlio Dinucci in Voltairenet.