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L’Italia non è la maglia nera d’Europa…

E’ sostenibile il debito pubblico italiano? Stiamo messi così male da rappresentare un pericolo per la costruzione europea? Qualche dato per aiutare a capire il reale stato delle cose e le prospettive, da Saker Italia.

Italy’s world records #5

Last available data from national and international bodies confirm the decline of Italy. GDP dropped at ninth place in the world and an array of negative records are declared by major authorities in these days. Actual jobless people, including those  “discouraged” who are not actively looking for jobs, is around 6 million which is double …

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ECB: European and Italian economic perspectives

Outlook on Italy worsens, in a general optimistic view on the Euro area, ECB reports, with a cumulative borrowing requirement of €51 billion (3.3% of GDP) in Italy, up from almost €28 billion (1.8% of GDP) in the same period of 2012. The deterioration “highlights the increasing risks surrounding the achievement of the 2013 general …

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Deficit cuts and the obious link with recession

It is a debated issue in these times, that of deficit cuts, along with the less famous theme of the “end of growth” and that of the finite nature of resources on hearth. In his Museletter 249, Richard Heinberg connects them in a summary of thoughts which may turn useful to those aiming to understand why …

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Finance ‘votes’ for Grillo and Berlusconi

A pre-electoral report by Mediobanca Securities forecasted the incredible results of Mr Grillo and Mr Berlusconi in the Italian vote of 24-25 February 2013, and indicated it as the best scenario for financial operators worldwide (read the scoop by Il Sole 24 Ore on 18th February 2013). “Paradoxically, the worst case scenario could actually become …

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Is Mr Monti right for Italy?

The Italian Premier has been defined as “ineffective” by Financial Times, yesterday, and replies today. He may remember when the international press (The Economist) defined Berlusconi as “unfit” to rule Italy with different motivations and the same fate in the attempt to introduce laissez-faire economics in Italy.  

Italy’s world records -#4

Corruption costs Italy €50-60 billion in terms of GDP loss per year. That’s around €600 billion not spent on services in Italy in the last 10 years, Libera NGO reports. 12% of Italians have been asked for bribes in 2012, with financial outflows around €10 billion decreasing productivity by 6%. The reports bursts into the …

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