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Sovereign money

Sovereign money without debt? An idea worth considering. However, in Italy such a revolution needs a profound reform of the tax system and effective fight against corruption.

Half of Italian SMEs feel the risk to pay bribes

25% of Italian SMEs have corrupted officials (or were forced to) to get works assigned, and at least half of them refused to pay bribes in the first months of 2014, ADN Kronos’ survey reports. 10% only of those asked for a payoff denounced the event to police forces, while 80% of the interviewees repute …

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The lens of the EU Anti-Corruption report 2014 on Italy

The EU Anti-Corruption report 2014 has been released today. Many are the bad news for Italy, confirming the reasons of the long and dramatic crisis in this Country are strictly tied to the conditions of its political, social and economic environment. The EC confirms that “despite considerable efforts, corruption remains a serious challenge in Italy” …

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Italy’s world records -#4

Corruption costs Italy €50-60 billion in terms of GDP loss per year. That’s around €600 billion not spent on services in Italy in the last 10 years, Libera NGO reports. 12% of Italians have been asked for bribes in 2012, with financial outflows around €10 billion decreasing productivity by 6%. The reports bursts into the …

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