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European Parliament plenary session highlights: SOTEU, copyright, rule of law in Hungary, plastics

MEPs discussed the challenges facing the EU during the State of the Union debate and approved digital copyright rules and measures to counter money laundering and cut plastic waste. Plenary highlights: SOTEU, copyright, Hungary, plastics | News | European Parliament Plenary highlights: SOTEU, copyright, Hungary, plastics | News | European Parliament MEPs discussed the challenges …

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Italy’s world records -#4

Corruption costs Italy €50-60 billion in terms of GDP loss per year. That’s around €600 billion not spent on services in Italy in the last 10 years, Libera NGO reports. 12% of Italians have been asked for bribes in 2012, with financial outflows around €10 billion decreasing productivity by 6%. The reports bursts into the …

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$21 trillion hidden from taxman by global elite

  A sum equal to the US and Japan GDPs flows out of wealthiest Countries to ‘tax havens’, being 81% of world financial wealth in the hands of 0,14% of world’s population A study by Tax Justice, a Network founded by the former McKinsey’s chief economist James Henry, reveals the huge dimensions of money leaks …

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HSBC to find a settlement

One of the biggest financial scandals (see an old but dedicated database in our Weblist), a criminal probe into laundering of drug-cartel and other money , according to a WSJ note. Again, unsolved questions present their burden on business making and daily life conditions. How regulators perform their tasks, when such enormous mass of money can …

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Senator Dell’Utri accused of blackmailing Berlusconi over mafia

“Magistrates have launched a formal investigation against an Italian senator on suspicion that he attempted to blackmail his longtime patron, former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, over alleged mafia links, judicial officials said on Wednesday…” (Reuters)