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Sovereign money

Sovereign money without debt? An idea worth considering. However, in Italy such a revolution needs a profound reform of the tax system and effective fight against corruption.

They see a light

The most influential members of the Italian government have been the leading actors of the annual convention of Comunione e Liberazione, the powerful catholic sect with a strong bias for business and many leaders convicted or prosecuted for bribing. Probably due to the mystic atmosphere in the “Meeting” and against any evidence and data (see …

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Italy’s world records – #3

Every day the ‘government of professors’ adds miles to its distance from reality. While the burden for new taxes and inflation weights for over 2.300 euro per family in 2012, recession is stronger than ever and taxes fly at the top of EU taxation systems, the professor chats with Tempi (magazine of Comunione e Liberazione, …

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$21 trillion hidden from taxman by global elite

  A sum equal to the US and Japan GDPs flows out of wealthiest Countries to ‘tax havens’, being 81% of world financial wealth in the hands of 0,14% of world’s population A study by Tax Justice, a Network founded by the former McKinsey’s chief economist James Henry, reveals the huge dimensions of money leaks …

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Like in the disastrous sale of public goods in the former Soviet Union and DDR in the early nineties of XX Century, a limited company is in charge of privatise goods and services in Greece, water and energy included. The authors of Debtocracy, a documentary with two million views broadcasted from Japan to Latin America, …

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Italy’s world records

Taxation at 55% of GDP, says Confcommercio in its latest study on the national economy placing Italy on top of the list of Countries by tax rates (if we exclude Kiribati, Timor-Leste…) . Mr. Befera, Director of Agenzia Entrate, replies: “Even more… around 70% in some cases”! Read more…