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OCCRP Report: Billions in EU funds lost to fraud

The EU lost more than nine billion euros (US$10 billion) to fraud between 2002 and 2017, with Member States often doing little to prevent or punish those identified as suspects. Read the OCCRP article and the original report from the EU Court of Auditors.

Bail-ins and deposit confiscation

From comedonchisciotte.org the (old) ‘Future of Banking in Europe’ Conference report (with some commercial interest by goldocore.com for example) is shocking… One of the aspects of the new negotiation on the European union will be a ‘bail-in’ of deposits when banks fail in the future. Michael Noonan, Ireland’s Minister for Finance at the time, confirmed …

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Italy’s world records – #3

Every day the ‘government of professors’ adds miles to its distance from reality. While the burden for new taxes and inflation weights for over 2.300 euro per family in 2012, recession is stronger than ever and taxes fly at the top of EU taxation systems, the professor chats with Tempi (magazine of Comunione e Liberazione, …

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Other top banks under investigation for LIBOR-EURIBOR rate-rigging

At least four more banks such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Société Générale and Crédit Agricole, could be implicated in the scandal of manipulations operated on the primary financial indexes in Europe and the world. Read artciles from Guardian and Sole24ore.


Like in the disastrous sale of public goods in the former Soviet Union and DDR in the early nineties of XX Century, a limited company is in charge of privatise goods and services in Greece, water and energy included. The authors of Debtocracy, a documentary with two million views broadcasted from Japan to Latin America, …

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Everybody knew: the LIBOR scandal

New York FED knew about possible ‘problems’ of LIBOR fixing process since 2007, as in its answer to Congressional Request for informationon Barclays-LIBOR matter. Just while Mr. B. Benenke says that Libor is ‘structurally flawed’ (LA Times) and the Fed had pushed for reform of the rate setting process in 2008 when it became concerned …

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