Italy’s world records – #3

Every day the ‘government of professors’ adds miles to its distance from reality. While the burden for new taxes and inflation weights for over 2.300 euro per family in 2012, recession is stronger than ever and taxes fly at the top of EU taxation systems, the professor chats with Tempi (magazine of Comunione e Liberazione, the strong catholic movement caught in the storm of accusations to its leader Formigoni) about taxes in very general terms. Monti declares “Italy is at war” against tax evaders, but the degree of innovation and concreteness of his government to recover the big money is still near zero.

Tax frauds raised at +14% (August 2012, another European record), with at least 180 billion euro lost every year, should suggest where to find money needed to equilibrate the State accounts. But while mister Monti is still announcing powerful plans in this direction with no further details, and declares that he is going to “softly tell State television managers to abandon the term ‘cunning’ when giving news about people evading taxes” (in his speech at the CL meeting), the talks with Switzerland to reach a cooperation agreement on the example of the EU Savings Agreement (EUSA) by UK (and Germany, which signed a similar agreement in no more than six months) are just at their beginning, and no conclusion is foreseen before next year.

And obviously not before the Swiss treasure of ‘cunning’ Italians has been relocated in Singapore or Dubai.