June 2013 archive

Self-fulfilling prophecies

Italy seizing up in a Mediobanca Security report to its customers, uncovered by ilfattoquotidiano.it.   Mediobanca Securities report from ilfattoquotidiano The Country is also in the “blacklist” of European peripheral States —Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy—  where Constitutions with “a strong socialist influence” might put them at the center of the debt crisis, a J. …

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The controversial question of geoengineering does not seem to attract the interest of the government of the Western Countries. However, it should. Geoengineering is the intentional, large-scale intervention in the Earth’s oceans, soils and/or atmosphere.  HAARP and ELF/ULF waves are among the technology projects and tools used in this field.  Read here about other (than …

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