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You know nothing about Geo-Engineering and Weather Warfare? Well, you can start search from our database and the Centre for Research on Globalization. Try: Weather and Warfare, Geo-Engineering, and HAARP. Another useful source of leaks and deep analysis is the Gianni Lannes blog.


The controversial question of geoengineering does not seem to attract the interest of the government of the Western Countries. However, it should. Geoengineering is the intentional, large-scale intervention in the Earth’s oceans, soils and/or atmosphere.  HAARP and ELF/ULF waves are among the technology projects and tools used in this field.  Read here about other (than …

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EU auditors scrutinise EU support for 2009 Abruzzi earthquake

Auditors found that the houses built as a result of the € 350 million funding were much more expensive than standard houses, apartments turned out to be unnecessarily costly and accommodated too few people.Read the press release and dowload the report.

Quake in L’Aquila: science is not being put on trial

Marco Billi, the senior judge in the trial against the scientists who had to manage the seismic risk in L’Aquila, has released today the 950-page explanation for the jail sentences give nto the scientists. It confirms that science was not put on trial and the behaviour of the scientists is actually their fault, as “it …

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What science is about

Great concern in the world about the conviction of members from the Italian Committee for High Risks, as in the conclusions of the trial yesterday, in L’Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy. “Scientist are horrified”, Euronews reports citing The Union of Concerned Scientists (although there is no clue of that in their website.) But the allegations charged to …

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Emilia Romagna to get record aid from EU Solidarity Fund after two hearthquakes in May

It is the biggest EU aid allocation since the Fund was set up in 2002, and will “help this highly productive region get back on its feet,” said on  Wednesday Johannes Hahn, EC Commissioner for Regional Policy to ANSA. The EU Solidarity Fund grants aid of up to 1bn euro a year to EU member …

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