The controversial question of geoengineering does not seem to attract the interest of the government of the Western Countries. However, it should. Geoengineering is the intentional, large-scale intervention in the Earth’s oceans, soils and/or atmosphere.  HAARP and ELF/ULF waves are among the technology projects and tools used in this field.  Read here about other (than weather) possible uses of ELF waves.

A couple of today’s clues about the possible connection between chemical trails in the Italian skies and man-made earthquakes, can be presented. The picture below shows the last days activity of military aircrafts in Marche and Abruzzo spreading chemical trails (which the experts say to be made of barium, a toxic chemical element which can improve the electrical conductivity of the atmosphere).

Chemtrails: barium aerosol?

The following link instead points to the last earthquake in the region. No connections between the phenomena?

You can feed your culture with the Gianni Lannes’ blog, rich of official documents and evidence, read an official presentation on the geoengineering for military purposes  by John Hopkins University , or  follow the following links.

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