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The false flag war on CO2

Malthusian extremism and big business may hide behind ‘global warming’ and the war on CO2. While militars are “arming the nature”, as in this interesting report (Italian and English) on such a big business. Learn also about nice games as “How to destroy the environment” (by Prof. MacDonald, former President Johnson’s counsellor. UCLA., 1968), and how …

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The controversial question of geoengineering does not seem to attract the interest of the government of the Western Countries. However, it should. Geoengineering is the intentional, large-scale intervention in the Earth’s oceans, soils and/or atmosphere.  HAARP and ELF/ULF waves are among the technology projects and tools used in this field.  Read here about other (than …

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The same old story

Periodically, obsolete technology come back with its obscure potential on environment and life, with a higher frequency in periods of crisis… so, can it be the case for the revamp of geoengineering? It is the “intentional, large-scale manipulation of the environment (…). Envirnmental change is the goal rather than a side effect. (…) In the …

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