They see a light

The most influential members of the Italian government have been the leading actors of the annual convention of Comunione e Liberazione, the powerful catholic sect with a strong bias for business and many leaders convicted or prosecuted for bribing.

Probably due to the mystic atmosphere in the “Meeting” and against any evidence and data (see recent reports at the bottom of this page), professor Monti and ex-banker Passera disseminated a truly optimistic vision of Italy’s near future.

They hardly tell growth from the worst Italian debt ever (1.975 billion euro), the additional cost of taxes (2.700 euro per family from 2012 leaving off local taxes, which doubled in the last 15 years), the shrp decline of industrial production (-8,2% in the first six months of the year) and other terrific economic data, but they do “see a light at the end of tunnel”. Lysergic dreams or just propaganda?

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