The lens of the EU Anti-Corruption report 2014 on Italy

The EU Anti-Corruption report 2014 has been released today. Many are the bad news for Italy, confirming the reasons of the long and dramatic crisis in this Country are strictly tied to the conditions of its political, social and economic environment.

The EC confirms that “despite considerable efforts, corruption remains a serious challenge in Italy” and weighs half of the European grand total (€120 billion). In this Country, already under the pressure of 60 billion indirect costs (as previously verified by the Italian Audit Court) and of a shadow economy at 21,1% of GDP, the many “ad personam” laws issued by Berlusconi Governments in sectors like justice and economy have worsen the situation and should be revised, the EC says.

Download the EU Anti-Corruption full report 2014 here, the Italy-specific information here and the factsheet here.