Cold fusion: news from US military contractors

Lockheed Martin declares development of a new nuclear fusion reactor “like no other”. The US defense contractor says that the reactor is no bigger than a shipping container, but could power 80,000 homes. The defense company estimates that just 25 pounds of fuel could run the reactor for an entire year, non-stop, and generate a constant 100 megawatts (MW) of energy during that period.

Nice? Yes, but maybe… the state of the art is slightly differs a little. The company’s patent, also containing a drawing of an F-16 jet, was discovered March 28. The device is reportedly far safer, cleaner, powerful and more compact than existent fission nuclear systems, which split atoms to release energy instead of fusing them, as this reactor does.

But why the US government, used to classify and remove from public view patents that they believe pose a national security threat, did not follow the protocol with Lockheed Martin’s new reactor?