Denmark, 100% RES by 2050

The most ambitious plan for the exploitation of renewables energy sources passed the vote of the Parliament of Denmark in March. It paves the road to total transition to renewables by 2050 and sets the goal of 35% of energy generation from RES by 2020. 50% of the final target energy supply will be generated by wind turbines, now at 25%. Despite its revolutionary content, the announcement did not become popular nor adequately debated on media, although for the first time an entire nation prepare itself for the greatest energy transition and a correspondent boost to economy.

“Denmark will once again be the global leader in the transition to green energy. This will prepare us for a future with increasing prices for oil and coal. Moreover, it will create some of the jobs that we need so desperately, now and in the coming years”, Martin Lidegaard, Denmark’s Minister for Climate, Energy and Building sayd.

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