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IMF contradicts Monti Government

After the declarations of Mr. grilli about the plan for large sales of public assets in Italy, it’s worth to remember what IMF stated just a few days before. IMF’s Debt Sustainability Analysis reports that Italian debt has 5% chances only to be reduced under 105% of GDP, as Grilli said yesterday, while the probabilities …

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Italy for sale

Vittorio Grilli, the freshly appointed Minister of Finance of Italian Government, has explained his plan to reduce Italy’s debt, now at 123% of GDP, “by 20% within five years”. This results will be obtained with an optimistic foresight of 1% yearly growth in GDP, although Mr. Grilli told Reuters that Italy’s government will revise down …

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Global Market News

A new issue of Newsmercati has been released by PROMOS, the Special Agency of Chamber of Commerce of Milan. A guide to contracts in Arab Countires, semplification measures in France and other useful information on international markets can be found here.

€8.1 billion investment in EU research and innovation

The European Commission has today announced the final and biggest ever set of calls for proposals for research under its Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). In total €4.8 billion is dedicated to thematic research priorities. Industrial innovation will be supported through close-to-market activities such as piloting, demonstration, standardisation and technology transfer. Special attention will be given …

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The world is changing faster than our understanding of economy, technology, social and environment factors. Global recession is not a crisis as many others. It is the system crisis! Speed and effects of global changes, show the underlying limits to growth as an incontrovertible fact. Economy models based on linear ad libitum ‘growth’ and traditional …

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