“Stop socialism”… and “information theft”

There is a bit of humor in the paper presented by the SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel against dominant policies for banks bailout with public money, and States sinking with economic and social disasters. However, both that paper (presented in this interview to Tagesspiegel) in Germany and the plea to stop ‘information stealing’ on economic and social themes promoted by columnist Luciano Gallino and other eggheads in Italy, are tremendously serious.

Gabriel launches the SPD’s electoral campaign against banks accused to hold national governments to ransom, and force them to bail out shaky banks due to fears about what their insolvency could inflict on entire economies, in a sort of inverted socialism. “Even today they engage in risky dealings, as if the financial crisis of 2008 had never occurred,” he writes. “And when things go sour they ‘order’ bailouts from the politicians.”

Gallino and others issue an appeal to Italian and European journalists and editors to get rid of the mainstream neoliberist theories ruling the behaviour of media and politician, and offer a broader view on possible alternatives to attack and defeat the economic and social crisis returning the information freedom to democracy.