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Mass poisoning in the Green Region of Europe #2

No monitoring over waters in Abruzzo by Public Authorities, ISS says -after a decade, many allegations and two trials… And the new wells for drinkable water had been drilled downstream the largest toxic (and illegal) waste disposal in Europe. According to the ISS’s report, Public Authorities knew the pollution danger since 2004 but no advise …

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Mass poisoning in the Green Region of Europe

One of the largest case of mass poisoning in Western Countries was discovered 7 years ago in Abruzzo, Italy with contribution of WWF which ordered water analysis on the Bussi dwellings to an independent lab. Though, the official analysis has just been released after two trials and new allegations to 7 Solvay’s managers brought by …

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The Water-Energy Nexus

Energy generation and resource extraction are dangerously connected to the large use of water resources. Coal, nuclear and natural gas power plants drink up half the freshwater withdrawn from US rivers. The threat appears most acute in Asia, where rivers are being diverted to feed thirsty coal-fire power plants: India and China alone plan to …

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