Mass poisoning in the Green Region of Europe

One of the largest case of mass poisoning in Western Countries was discovered 7 years ago in Abruzzo, Italy with contribution of WWF which ordered water analysis on the Bussi dwellings to an independent lab. Though, the official analysis has just been released after two trials and new allegations to 7 Solvay’s managers brought by two courageous magistrates in Pescara, Annarita Mantini and Giuseppe Bellelli. The awful results confirm 700.000 people have been poisoned for decades! Since World War I, the chemical industries located in the Popoli-Bussi site (in chronological order: Società Italiana di Elettrochimica, Montecatini, Montedison, Solvay -read also this post) Bussi have been producing mass destruction weapons and other industry components, and are charged with burying their toxic waste nearby, upon the groundwater serving Chieti and Pescara Provinces aside the largest river in Abruzzo (Aterno-Pescara).

What’s more, the population is still using that water, although diluted with other sources from the same area! No communication campaign, nor proper action has been taken by local authorities to alt the heavy danger those chemical poisons bring to health in the region. The criminal political caste is still balanced by honest and tenacious judges, as usual in Italy… but it is too late to save lives and it cannot last for long!

Read more on the composition of dangerous elements (as toxic, carcinogen, mutagenic chemicals) in the Bussi waters:

Water trends

EPA Standards for drinkable water 2006