Rogue States

The so called “Datagate”, recently boosted by a Glenn Greenwald’s investigation published by  the Guardian, early June, unveils an uncomfortable truth on the UK-USA espionage over world’s communications, and in particular over ‘allied’ European Countries. Since the first allegations moved to USA Embassy in Bruxelles over phone tapping, computer hacking and bugs at the European Commision’s buildings in 2003, nothing seems changed.

Privacy is a myth if seen in the light of the unprecedented concentration of communication power in the hands of a bunch of US ICT and telephone companies (see the PRISM report) and of tens of security agencies. The scandal, which grows day by day, will probably affect the commercial relationships between the EC and USA, while the European States more heavily affected by bugging firmly call for explanations by the US Gov. What is astonishing more than depth and width of bugging, with all kind of communications tapped in Europe and USA, is the denial of the US Governement which today declares that answers will be given via diplomatic channels…

Post Scriptum: this site is under attack, with 2.700+ attempts of intrusion in the past week! Hundreds of fake IPs and machines have been backtraced and identified. Have the latest two posts, in particular that on geoengineering, and the news above anything to do with it..?