USA and the world: what is beyond the debt default

The world is probably living its most dangerous economic era, which begun with the capital off-shoring in the seventies, continued with the great financial bubble from the eighties and is now approaching the next stage of collapse. This is the ultimate crisis and will spread from the USA as in the most recent ones.

The longest and heaviest recession of modern times, the politically driven US debt default and the progressive loss of the dollar’s world reserve status, the inability of States to coin money due to international treaties and pressure of the financial world, the quenchless Sovereign-debt and the unbearable burden of interest on capital, the persisting credit crunch in the Western economies, the unstoppable transfer of debt from banks to Governments, the peak of many primary resources and the scarcity of others like food and water, the war for arable land, the demographic pressure from the many Souths of the world… and many other factors suggest the global meltdown is nearer than politicians, financiers and the media system will ever admit.

Non-economical events, like wars for example, may easily fit the role of the trigger of the economic burst as well as the opportunity to make populations accept extraordinary measures which will make them regret the contemporary measures of austerity taken by most European Governments under the pressure of the EC, ECB and MF. Israel Shamir says “World War III almost occurred as the banksters wished it. They have too many debts, including the unsustainable foreign debt of the US. If those Tomahawks had flown, the banksters could have claimed Force Majeure and disavow the debt. Millions of people would die, but billions of dollars would be safe in the vaults of JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. In September, the world crossed this bifurcation point safely, as President Obama refused to take the fall for the banksters. Perhaps he deserved his Nobel peace prize, after all”. A new global balance is rising, where Russia and China will dominate the geopolitical scenario. “The Russian rebellion against the US hegemony began in June, when the Aeroflot flight from Beijing carrying Ed Snowden landed in Moscow. Americans pushed every button they could think of to get him back. (…) They activated the full Spectre of their agents in Russia. Despite the US pressure, Snowden was granted asylum. The next step was the Syrian escalation. (…) The next step was the Syrian escalation. (…) In the Russian view, there was not and could not be any reason for the US to act unilaterally in Syria or anywhere else. In a way, the Russians have restored the Law of Nations to its old revered place. The world has become a better and safer place. None of this could’ve been achieved without the support of China. The Asian giant considers Russia its “elder sister” and relies upon her ability to deal with the round-eyes. The Chinese, in their quiet and unassuming way, played along with Putin. They passed Snowden to Moscow. They vetoed anti-Syrian drafts in the UNSC, and sent their warships to the Med. That is why Putin stood the ground not only for Russia, but for the whole mass of Eurasia. ” (Russia, Syria and the Decline of American Hegemony).

The civil society debates around such themes in many Countries, the ruling class and the mainstream media does not. Here is the big danger. We are silently sliding into the black well of collapse while the competing forces and interests have led the Western Countries to stasis (read “Who benefits from lies? The economic information in the USI” and the recent work of Edward Luce, “Time to Start Thinking America and the Spectre of Decline”, Abacus, Great Britain, 2013. See also “The Bilderberg Plan. Artificial crisis to dominate Europe“). Indebted citizens, working poors, unemployed youth face the situation each day, but the public opinion in the world is maintained in a sort of limbo or dream, where the economy is going to recover day by day, the austerity is a bitter but necessary remedy, the institutional reforms will bring prosperity and improve democracy, and so on. But when a global shock like the next war in Middle East (Siria? Iran? Other Middle Eastern or North African Countries?) will wake up the dream will vanish and the nightmare appear.