New EU Calls for Experts

The European Commission has launched 3 new calls for applications for the selection of Members to the following Expert Groups:

  1. Observers to the Annex XVI Sub-Group of the Medical Device Coordination Group (updated version). Download ToR – WG 13 – Annex XVI final.pdf and SANTE _ MDCG_Call-Observers-Subgr-Annex-XVI_Sante_RegExp _ REV_06022020.doc. Deadline: 6 March 2020.
  2.  Members to the Expert Group / Multistakeholders platform on Protecting and restoring the world’s forests, including the EU timber regulation and the forest law enforcement, governance and trade (FLEGT) regularion. Download ENV_E03282 Call for application FLEGT-EUTR-deforestation EG.docx here. Deadline: 10 March 2020.