Goldman Sachs’ outlook on Italian politics

Goldman Sachs’ last report on the Italian politics and future elections suggests how to get a second mandate for Mario Monti, its former consultant in charge of Prime Minister (through the famous revolving doors, the article tells) by changing the electoral law, MF anticipates. The strategy is the following. “The reform of the electoral law: in the context of the forthcoming electoral law, tweaks might be introduced with the idea of ensuring a centrist coalition that could facilitate Monti staying in place”, Pubblico giornale reports today. It is not clear how Monti staying could then be related to the elections. In fact, GS forecasts the supremacy of PD (the democratic party) and its possible triumph in the election, and reveals secretary Pierluigi Bersani could be the best follower of the Monti’s agenda.

A risky endorsement for a party already under criticism for its convinced support to Monti’s government. Around 25% of its voters in 2008 declare the intention to vote for M5S (the “5 Star”  anti-party movement headed by Beppe Grillo) in the next elections.