Concern on “fracking” in Europe

Concern arises, as Halliburton, Chevron and Exxon declare they are starting the ‘fracking’ process in Europe, The Ecologist reported.

Hydraulic fracturing is the propagation of fractures in rock layers, as a result of the action of a pressurized fluid (Wikipedia) used to extract liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons. In the US, gas-extraction in the Marcellus Shale has been linked to pollution and social conflict: experts have increasingly expressed concern that the chemicals used in fracking may pose a threat underground or when waste fluids are transported or spilled.

Civil rights coalitions (see New Yorkers against fracking, for an example) are at work to combat this Halliburton patented “innovation” in the oil & gas sector.

THE SKY IS PINK by Josh Fox and the GASLAND Team from JFOX on Vimeo.

Josh Fox and his team produced two short films on the topic, Gasland and The sky is pink. The first has been awarded at Sundance Film Festival, and the actor Mark Ruffalo has been marked as terrorist and included in the watch list of the National Security Office of Pennsylvania. As regards the second film, Oscar-nominated director Josh Fox was arrested in Januar, at a House Science subcommittee hearing on EPA’s investigation into groundwater contamination in Pavillion, Wyo., potentially caused by hydraulic fracturing.

Have a look here at a compiled research on hydraulic fracturing, selected by the authors of “The sky is pink”.