Europe: Calls


MEDIA 2007 — Development, distribution, promotion and training Support for the transnational distribution of European films.

The ‘automatic’ scheme 2013 aims to:

  • encourage and support the wider transnational distribution of recent European films by providing funds to distributors, based upon their performance on the market, for further reinvestment in new non-national European films;
  • encourage the development of links between the production and distribution sectors thus improving the market share of European films and the competitiveness of European companies

Deadline for applicants: October 1, 2014.

Civil Society

Structural support for European public policy research organisations (think tanks) and for civil society organisations at European level — ‘Europe for citizens’ programme (2014-20). Under the global objective of bringing the Union closer to its citizens, the general objectives of the programme are: to contribute to citizens’ understanding of the Union, its history and diversity; to foster European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level.

The specific objectives of the Programme are the following:

  • to raise awareness of remembrance, common history and values and the Union’s aim that is to promote peace, its values and the well-being of its peoples by stimulating debate, reflection and development of networks;
  • to encourage democratic and civic participation of citizens at Union level, by developing citizens’ understanding of the Union policy making-process and promoting opportunities for societal and intercultural engagement and volunteering at Union level.

Deadline for applicants: December 20, 2013.


Erasmus Mundus 2009-2013 Action Programme, implementation in 2014, aims to to promote European higher education, to help improve and enhance the career prospects of students and to promote intercultural understanding through cooperation with third countries, in accordance with EU external policy objectives in order to contribute to the sustainable development of third countries in the field of higher education.

The programme’s specific objectives are:

to promote structured cooperation between higher education institutions and an offer of enhanced quality in higher education with a distinct European added value, attractive both within the European Union and beyond its borders, with a view to creating centres of excellence,

to contribute to the mutual enrichment of societies by developing the qualifications of women/men so that they possess appropriate skills, particularly as regards the labour market, and are open-minded and internationally experienced through promoting mobility for the most talented students and academics from third countries to obtain qualifications and/or experience in the European Union and for the most talented European students and academics towards third countries,

to contribute towards the development of human resources and the international cooperation capacity of higher education institutions in third countries through increased mobility streams between the European Union and third countries,

to improve accessibility and enhance the profile and visibility of European higher education around the world as well as its attractiveness for third-country nationals and citizens of the Union.

 Deadline for applicants: March 3, 2014.

Enterprise and Industry

WP2014-15 Web Entrepreneurs Challenge (full text of the call here). The objective of this calls for projects is to create an environment in Europe that encourages more web entrepreneurs to start a business in Europe and scale it up. The focus of this topic is on entrepreneurs who use web and mobile technologies as main components in their innovation with a positive impact across the continuum of actors for entrepreneurship.

Deadline for applicants: April 23, 2014.

Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

Preparatory action ‘Your first EURES job’.Such Programme is a small scale, targeted labour mobility scheme that was launched in 2012. The Youth Opportunities Initiative announced the scheme as an instrument to help 5 000 young people find a work placement in other EU countries until 2014.

‘Your first EURES job’ respects the principle of subsidiarity because its objectives cannot be sufficiently achieved by the Member States, either at the national level, or at regional or local level. Because of the scale and effects of the proposed preparatory action these objectives can better be achieved at Union level.
The preparatory action will be implemented by employment services and other organisations providing labour market related services. A total budget of EUR 5 million has been earmarked by the EU budgetary authority for the year 2013 (budget line 04 03 13).

Deadline for applicants: December 10, 2013.


Call FCH-JU-2013-2 for proposals under the Implementation Plan of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking. Call documentation including deadline and budget is given in the call text, which is published on the Participant Portal.

Deadline for applicants: February 27, 2014.