The world is changing faster than our understanding of economy, technology, social and environment factors. Global recession is not a crisis as many others. It is the system crisis!

Speed and effects of global changes, show the underlying limits to growth as an incontrovertible fact. Economy models based on linear ad libitum ‘growth’ and traditional management doctrines demonstrate in all sectors their unfitness to meet the requirements for development. Hence, new pathways for sustainable development of business and society must be found.

The revolution of the global economy presses in fact for radical change in business operation, research and strategic planning. The innovation agenda for intelligent (and sustainable, of course) development spans over the boundaries of scientific disciplines and business processes, toward new approaches to big challenges such as competition with limited resources and sustainable development against the myth of infinite growth.

This site is designed to give you valuable knowledge tools and introduce the OPUSNET world of innovation combining research and technological development, global competition and sustainable development in an unusual approach to business. It is prosposed as a support for global challenges, requiring integrateion of business and research in any sector, policy and environment.

Follow our blog, stay in contact and do not forget to “Do what you can, where you are with what you have! (F. D. Roosevelt).

OPUSNET supports free software and freedom of information all over the world. This site is built in English with a free version of WordPress. It offers a blog of news and analysis on selected fields and corporate pages. Posts can use languages other than English, according to specific information needs and variables.



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